Kaitlin Corey Earns 2023 Leaders in Law Accolade from The Daily Record


Kaitlin Corey accepts The Daily Record Leaders in Law 2023 honor.

Goodell DeVries partners Donna Thomas (left) and Kaitlin Corey

Join us in congratulating our partner Kaitlin Corey, who’s been selected for The Daily Record’s 2023 Leaders in Law honor. Leaders in Law recognizes outstanding lawyers and judges across Maryland who are serving businesses, clients, and individuals and making our communities stronger. The awards celebration was held on April 25.

Kaitlin is an accomplished lawyer, teacher, and mentor. She assists companies of all sizes in general corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property protection and management matters. She regularly advises on brand protection strategies by reviewing marketing creative for legal compliance, clearing trademarks for use and registration, and licensing of trademarks and copyrights.

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Fair Use and the Fourth Estate

April must be copyright month. Those who follow copyright, photography and the free press will have their interests piqued by the Southern District of New York’s holding of fair use as a defense to infringement involving the events of Jan. 6, 2021, Fox News and a freelance photographer who, on January 6, was at the Capitol and filmed the activities.

In particular, she videoed Kelly Meggs participating in a stack formation ascending the Capitol’s stairs. The Department of Justice charged Meggs and attached to its complaint a copy of a still from the photographer’s video.

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All Sorts of Issues with Artificial Intelligence

“AI is the next revolution … there is no going back.”

— M. Werneck, executive vice president, The Kraft Heinz Company.

Not all revolutions benefit humanity. Tech luminaries Elon Musk and AI pioneer Yoshua Bengio recently warned we might be circling the drain. They, and others, have called for a six-month moratorium on training artificial intelligence systems more powerful than Microsoft’s GPT-4. They caution AI can be dangerous to society in ways not understood.

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