Sometimes, Lighter is Better

Sometimes four eyes are better than two; and six are even better.  This is how we feel when clearing ads for our clients, hopefully before they are presented to their clients, the advertisers.

There are really two things we want to apply accurately: The law and common sense.  Just because an ad is legal does not mean it should be published.  The idea that numerous people should review the ad is to address the sensitivities (or lack thereof) that some people may have, in which case a horribly embarrassing, and financially damaging ad, may be published.

Take the latest example, an ad for Heineken Light beer.  In it, a bartender slides a bottle of Heineken Light towards a woman. The bottle passes several people of color before reaching a paler­ skinned woman.  The tagline: SOMETIMES, LIGHTER IS BETTER. Continue reading

UMBC’s 16 Over 1 Win – A Lesson in the Importance of Trademark Registration

By now just about everyone is aware that the UMBC Retrievers became the first Number 16 seed to beat a Number 1 seed in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Prior to this past Friday night, many may not have been aware of the existence of UMBC, and now everyone is talking about this historical win.

With the massive amounts of attention that the school is getting, the school’s officials were made aware that UMBC did not have a trademark registration for “Retrievers.” Continue reading