Do You Know What Your Data is Doing?

The headline is a mouthful, but in the time you read this column your personal data has probably been collected by the more sophisticated vendors with whom you do business and is being used to target you for more purchases. This now-common practice might offend or it might be seen as consumer-useful.  It’s very clear, though, that artificial intelligence plays a role in selecting data capture and crafting the ad messages. Continue reading

Kaitlin Corey to Speak at Small Business Seminar

Goodell DeVries partner Kaitlin Corey will speak at “Ask the Experts: A Small Business Essentials Seminar” on May 11. Hosted by the Harford County (Maryland) Office of Economic Development, the seminar will provide opportunities for business owners to pose questions and learn from local business professionals.

Kaitlin will share her knowledge from years of experience working with business owners. She works with companies of all sizes by assisting them with general corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property protection and management.

Visit the event page for more information.